Mount Diablo Audubon SocietySightings
(and East Bay Birders Circle)

Welcome to EBB_Sightings, the list for reporting unusual bird sightings in the East Bay Area counties of Contra Costa and Alameda. This list superseded the East Bay Birders Circle (EBB) list in August 2004 and is moderated by Mount Diablo Audubon Society. In April 2010, the list was moved to Yahoo Groups.

When posting to this list, include directions to your sightings and your name. Specific directions to the location of the bird(s) are very helpful to new members. It may be helpful to link to the locator tables when giving directions:

Please remember that this list is intended only for the discussion of birding in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. General discussion about bird topics belongs on BirdChat or CalBirds. Off-topic threads will sometimes be either publicly or privately challenged as the list administrator feels is necessary according to judgement. Specific no-no's include the following:

  • NO Political advocacy or political statements.
  • NO Posting of events.
  • NO Posting of birds out of area (all areas really do have their own lists).
  • NO Attachments.

A calendar of birding events is also available on the Mount Diablo Audubon Society homepage at

The privacy statement is located here: Sightings Privacy Statement